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Carmel Wynne
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I’m a professionally trained non-directive coach in practice since 2002. What almost 20 years of one-to-one coaching has taught me is that the success of coaching depends on a relationship of trust between the coach and the client. Coaching is hailed as the 21st century fast track to success because clients get results quickly.

Before I take a person on as a client I suggest that he or she has a one off session over Zoom or Skype to build trust and see if we can work together effectively.  We have a conversation about what the person wants and expects from working with me.  I actively listen to hear the answers and reflect back what is said.  It’s as if I ‘hold the mirror’ up.  The client sees from a different perspective, gains  clarity and will decide if the coaching experience offers the result they want.

 Carmel Wynne - Life Coach, Dublin

'Tell me and I forget.

Show me and I remember.

Involve me and I understand.'

Chinese proverb

Never underestimate what you can achieve when you have a positive goal.  The coaching relationship works when there is a background of  trust.  The emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing of my clients is important to me.  You can't change the past.  You can set realistic and achieveable goals that I will hold you responsible for achieving in the future.

As a Master Practitioner in NLP I believe that people always do their best.  Think of any situation you feel badly about.  With your life situation at that time, the emotional state you were in and the information you had, you could not have made a different decision.

I ask you probing questions.

You have the answers

that empower you to

unlock your potential

tap into your inner resources

listen to your internal dialogue

excel and become your 'Best Self'.


You might like to read an article in the Irish Times 'Discover your true coping skills by not labelling your feelings'. "If you think that having a positive outlook is more desirable than having a negative one, you have blinkered vision". Dropping labels will change how you look at yourself and others. It takes a new way of looking at what I call 'Super-Vision' to look beyond other people's opinion of you to value and appreciate you have the coping skills to function and you can survive hard times.

Read more about how coaching can avert work conflict in the Irish Times here

Enquiries: 086 847 3487 email: carmel@carmelwynne.org
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