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 Carmel Wynne
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One of Ireland's most successful coaches Carmel Wynne is a member of The Association for Coaching and The Supervision Association of Ireland.  She is author of the book ‘Coaching – The Key To Unlocking Your Potential’ and a regular guest on radio. 

 Carmel Wynne - Life Coach, Dublin


In the 1980’s she had a career giving seminars on healthy spirituality and holistic well being.  In the 1990’s she had a career writing, speaking and giving workshops on relationships and sexuality.  She regularly contributed to the Education Supplement of the Irish Times and did interviews with Gay Byrne on the Late Late Show when her books ‘Relationships and Sexuality’ and ‘Sex and Young People’ were published. 




In the 2000’s she became a Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming which is one of the most powerful communication tools available for leading to effective self-management.  Certified to use the BarOn Emotional Quotient Inventory for coaching with emotional intelligence, she specialised in effective communication and became President of the Professional Speakers Association in Ireland.  Her ‘Wynning Ways’ column in the Health Supplement of The Irish Times made her a regular guest on television and radio.  Passionate about standards in coaching she is author of ‘The Coaching Competencies Framework Document’ commissioned by The Irish Coaching Development Network’.
You might like to read a recent article in the Irish Times 'Discover your true coping skills by not labelling your feelings' where she outlines "if you think that having a positive outlook is more desirable than having a negative one, you have blinkered vision". Dropping labels will change how you look at yourself and others. It takes a new way of looking at what Carmel calls 'Super-Vision' to look beyond other people's opinion of you to value and appreciating you have the coping skills to function and you can survive hard times.

Enquiries: 086 847 3487 email: carmel@carmelwynne.org
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