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Carmel Wynne
D16 EN24


All professionally trained non-directive Coaches understand that the person with the problem is the person with the solution. For almost 20 years I have worked one-to-one with clients who want more from life: more money, more work and life balance, more intimacy and with people who want less: less conflict, less stress, or less financial pressure. Iíve coached countless couples, whose relationships were on the verge of separation or divorce, who saved their relationships when they were coached to change their styles of communication.

Once clients feel they are getting excellent support and results they donít care if they are having Life Coaching, Relationship Coaching, Conflict Coaching or Communication Coaching. I draw on all these different styles of coaching to find the approach that will best suit the agenda, individual needs and the demands of every person I coach.

My Coaching Conversations are designed so that you can talk freely, feel total confidence and trust that you will be respected and not judged.  I will support you to become your ĎBest Selfí.  I  ask the questions that bring you to see a reflection of where you are strong, where you sell yourself short and constantly hold you to the image of 'Best Self' even when you canít hold it for yourself.

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If you would like a one-to-one coaching session please email or telephone Carmel to make an appointment. During the Covid crisis it will be a virtual meeting on Zoom or Skype.

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Why not read Carmel's article, Switch off your stress by challenging your thoughts, published in Health & Family in the Irish Times.

NEW Zoom interactive workshop on 11 January at 7 pm.

Enquiries: 086 847 3487 email: carmel@carmelwynne.org
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