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Carmel Wynne
D16 E24


New Interactive Online Workshop 

All workshops can be facilitated as
half-day, 1 day or weekend events.


R.E.L.A.X. Workshop: Available Over ZOOM / Skype

Enquiries: 086 847 3487 carmel@carmelwynne.org


Switch off your stress and heal your 

relationship with money and scarcity.

A half-day workshop

Facilitated by Carmel Wynne

This workshop is for you if you want to build a healthier relationship with money and bring your dreams to fruition.  Issues around paying your bills can cause rows and friction that will damage relationships and lead to coldness, emotional distance and lack of support.  In a gentle and supportive environment you will learn practical techniques for how to manage yourself and your work, how to free financial energy and use it to achieve personal goals

  • Do you have issues around money that have an impact on the quality of your life and relationships?

  • Do you have a long-standing situation in your life that you should address right now?

  • Do you wonder why you did certain things and havenít done other things?

  • Do you doubt that you can generate abundance and enjoy harmony in your work and relationships?

  • Do you have fears of going broke, scarcity or deprivation?

Through easy to follow exercises, mindfulness and interactive exercises you will learn how to switch off your stress, uncover why your life is not joyful and abundant or why your relationships are not as harmonious and fulfilling as you desire.

Enquiries: 086 847 3487 email: carmel@carmelwynne.org


From Fear to


Switch of your stress, reclaim your power

and create the life you want!

Studies show that about 80% of the choices you make will be motivated by fear, not desire. For example, do you find it hard to say no to things you do not want to do? Do you sometimes feel anxious about a future event or situation?  Do you often choose the safest option, even though it's not aligned with what you really want?  Do you avoid people, situations or decisions in your life? These are all examples of how subconscious fears underlay our thoughts, emotions, choices and actions that directly shape our experiences in life.

This workshop will allow you to release old thought patterns that are motivated by fears, so that you can make life choices from a clear, embodied and empowered place.  This will give you the ability to redefine and reshape any life experience into a positive, fulfilling and desirable one.  

You will be coached to look beyond the familiar, uncover & revise limiting beliefs, release attachment to positive & negative labels that fuel the fear state, understand the relationship between fear, anger, resentment and control, uncover and claim hidden resources you can apply directly to your life, understand your communication style (internal and external) to see if it is aligned with your true intention, learn how cultural norms affect your thinking and release habitual thinking patterns that bring more balance and optimism to your life, so that you can manage your emotions, thoughts and life with grace and ease.  This is as simple as changing your perspective and as powerful as changing your reality. 

Enquiries: 086 847 3487 email: carmel@carmelwynne.org

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