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Carmel Wynne
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'We do not see things as they are we see things as we are.'

Supervision is the start of a journey where you look at where you are in your life and work and reflect on how to care for your own well-being. 

Cross-Professional Supervision, a term coined by Dr. Geraldine Holton involves working across professions, across disciplines and across modalities. 

I prefer Super-Vision, because it allows you to see from a perspective that invites you to be ethical, accountable, compassionate and to develop your own internal supervisor. Through reflection, talking about your personal experience, exploring issues in your work in a respectful, consultative, collaborative, supportive relationship you gain insights. You develop a sense of self-awareness that invites you to be curious, to discover how you are motivated, what it is that gives meaning to your life, professional and personal relationships and work.


Who has Supervision?

  Supervision is not just about
  meeting continuing professional
  development requirements.

  It is for anyone who brings their 
  work to another professional to
  reflect and learn such as:

  Coaches, Supervisors, Consultants,
  Psychologists, Therapists,
  Counsellors, Executives,
  Managers, Social Workers,
  Teachers, Psychotherapists,
  Doctors, Nurses, Prison Officers,
  Clergy and many, many others.

‘Supervision’, ‘Mentoring’ and ‘Coaching’ are experiences. Mentoring offers guidance on how to do things better. Coaching focuses on achieving goals. Super-Vision is what happens when you take the time to reflect and become a student of your own experience, ‘sitting at the feet of your work’. 


Why have Supervision? 
Some people come for supervision because it is mandatory in their profession. Others come because they are curious about why competent professionals believe it is necessary to raise the standard of their work and the quality of the service they provide. Others still see the difference it has made for colleagues who needed support during these challenging times, experience unexpected benefits and recommend it to others. 

'Not all wounds are visible. Walk gently in the lives of others.'
Eleanor Roosevelt
Enquiries: 086 847 3487 email: carmel@carmelwynne.org
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